ideacode accurately identified all our needs and helped us to successfully track the information in the format that was required. During the development and testing phase, ideacode quickly and effectively addressed our issues. The net result was a successful product that met our needs.



Blazing a trail to better facilities management.


AERES 8.1.0 released!

We're pleased to announce general availability for AERES 8.1.0, ideacode's comprehensive campus facilities management (FM) application!  While we've made many small improvements in this version, the major new feature is GIS feature search.

In a nutshell, an AERES user can now create and share custom reports that includes data from uploaded GIS documents, such as shape files.  These screen shots show a report on campus trees in average condition, then shows those trees plotted on a map.  Campus landscapers and arborists can collaborate with reports like this to identify and visually locate trees that may need further attention.

ideacode to Present at 2011 CFTA Conference

The Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) has chosen ideacode to present at its 2011 conference, September 27 through September 30 in Washington, DC.  ideacode will present "NCSU boosts productivity with AERES all-in-one FM System", a look at how NCSU is saving time and money with AERES.

We hope to see you at Session W5B, Wednesday September 28 from 3:45pm to 4:45pm!

Well, that's new! We've launched our new web site.

Hey folks, long time coming!  But we finally had a few seconds to put some polish on our brand and our web site.  So here it is, ideacode site version 3.  Hope you like it!

As you might imagine, since we offer custom Drupal installs, our site is powered by Drupal.  It was getting really tedious updating HTML by hand every time.  So tedious, in fact, we never got around to doing it!  (Not to mention, we're so busy writing software for our customers that we haven't had much time to polish our own site.  I guess the cobbler's children don't have any shoes.)

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