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Survey your whole college!

Why Cheetah CAT for Curriculum Assessment?

Have you ever wanted to survey all of your students, get meaningful, accurate results, and accomplish this in a short amount of time?

Our Cheetah Curriculum Assessment Tool (Cheetah C.A.T. ™) is the fastest online survey tool available. Cheetah CAT is software specifically designed for student evaluation of instructors that allows the administration to administer surveys and collect the survey results online.  Students take your surveys online and you can view the results with just a click of a button. Just define your survey, link to your survey online, and students assess your curriculum on their schedule.

Our curriculum assessment tool is user-friendly for students, instructors, and adminstration, completely web-based, and connects to your existing registration systems. No more wasting time re-typing student and enrollment information.

Fast, always-available reports provide dashboard summaries and detailed analysis, including student demographic breakdown.


  • Create and run unlimited surveys
  • Multi-media surveys: online, paper-based, or both
  • Students' identity is kept confidential
  • Custom Reporting
    • By division, department, and instructor
    • By gender, ethnicity, and age band
    • Get instant results
  • Surveys and results are available 24/7

View all students' comments online with the click of a button

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Not using surveys?  How do you know what your  students are thinking?

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Students are paying for the best education available:  Are they getting what they pay for?

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Cheetah CAT the online Curriculum Assessment Tool