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Split PDF into pages, by bookmark

You've got a PDF with bookmarks. You want one PDF file per book mark. Here's a quick way to accomplish that.

pdftk example.pdf dump_data | perl -e 'undef $/; $_=<>; while (/BookmarkTitle: (.*)\nBookmarkLevel: (\d+)\nBookmarkPageNumber: (\d+)/mg) { print "pdftk example.pdf cat $3 output \"$1.pdf\"\n"; }'

Replace "example.pdf" with the name of your original PDF.  That will create a series of command lines, which you can then run to do the extraction, for example:

pdftk example.pdf cat 1 output "Introduction.pdf"
pdftk example.pdf cat 1 output "Getting Started.pdf"
pdftk example.pdf cat 1 output "Printing a test page.pdf"
pdftk example.pdf cat 5 output "Creating PDF Files.pdf"
Because multiple bookmarks may exist on a single page, you might have one page appear many times, each with a different name.  In the example output, page 1 gets split into three files ("Introduction", "Getting Started", and "Printing a test page") because page 1 has 3 bookmarks on it.
You will need the extremely-excellent PDF Toolkit to get this work done.

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