ideacode accurately identified all our needs and helped us to successfully track the information in the format that was required. During the development and testing phase, ideacode quickly and effectively addressed our issues. The net result was a successful product that met our needs.



Blazing a trail to better facilities management.

About ideacode

Here, the ideacode staff is pictured with their families.
ideacode staff of 2010 pictured with their families.

About ideacode: A Small Company Thinking Big

ideacode is a company devoted to developing software that is effective, efficient and easy to use. Our team is small, but in creating programs for large colleges and universities, we have proven that we can capably tackle complex challenges, all while maintaining affordable prices and a personal touch. Our products are engineered to respond to your needs, and we are wholly dedicated to delivering solutions that work for you.

Our Story

ideacode founder Bishop Bettini discovered his love for coding when he learned about Linux as a student at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in 1993. When he began to explore the inner complexities that the software offered, Bishop knew that he had found a passion and a guiding aspiration: to write code that others would find as rich and impressive as he had found Linux.

After spending several years studying at NC State and working as a software engineer, Bishop founded ideacode in 2000. His vision was for a software company that could identify and solve challenging automation problems with impressive, cleanly built software. As his vision for the company broadened, Bishop brought on old classmate John Acree as an owner-principal in 2002.

Bishop Bettini, Founder and CEO

Bishop Bettini

Founder and CEO

John Acree, President and CTO

John Acree

President and CTO

David Acree, Account Executive and Comptroller

David Acree

Account Executive

Carolyn Skowron, Bookkeeper

Carolyn Skowron


ideacode had its breakthrough in 2003, when NC State University’s Facilities Division asked the company to develop a facilities management application that would replace their old mainframe system while providing new features like online document storage. ideacode responded with AERES, an FM program that continues to serve over 50 departments and 800 users at North Carolina’s largest university.

ideacode fully dove into developing software for higher education management four years later. In 2007, Guilford Technical Community College requested an automated curriculum assessment that could survey thousands of students across four campuses. The result was Cheetah CAT. After building AERES for facilities management and Cheetah CAT for curriculum assessment, Bishop and his team recognized their affinity for the challenging nature of college and university operations. They have focused on serving the unique needs of colleges and universities ever since.

Now in its second decade of operation, ideacode is attempting to build upon and expand its offerings of creative, smart software in the hopes of taking their trail-blazing products to higher education institutions nationwide.

Our Clients

ideacode has a proven record of adapting our software to solve problems for a variety of clients. Whether in higher education, government or business, ideacode has shown again and again that we know how to craft effective software for any setting. A list of some of our clients is below.

 North Carolina State University

Guilford Technical Community College



Branch Banking & Trust

BSi Americas


DigitalThink, now Convergys

The United States General Services Administration

Northern Telecom

 Progress Energy

Red Hat, the open source company