You were an excellent partner in every way. You delivered your commitments on time, you provided clear guidance on what you needed from me, why you needed it, and when my communication was not sufficient you asked for clarification.



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What kind of estimator are you?

What kind of estimator are you?

(This is the first part in a series on software estimates with FogBugz.)

No other question instills so much fear in developers than "When will you finish this code?"

Managers think this is a technical question, one that developers should be able to answer easily.  Developers are, after all, "technical".  But to developers, the question is messy, imprecise, and fundamentally non-technical.  Too many things can pop up.  Someone checks-in conflicting code you have to merge.  You get a terrible night of sleep.  You're not quite sure how to write the code.

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