ideacode accurately identified all our needs and helped us to successfully track the information in the format that was required. During the development and testing phase, ideacode quickly and effectively addressed our issues. The net result was a successful product that met our needs.



Blazing a trail to better facilities management.


GIS inside buildings

Recently I saw this comment on the CFTA mailing list:

None of the CAFM/IWMS vendors go inside the building with their GIS modules, nor do they provide the ability to do true GIS spatial analytics on your data. Typically they go down only as far as the building location level, represented by a point on the map

AERES takes GIS inside the building and lets you perform spatial analysis as well.  AERES got this ability over two years ago in what I think is a classic example of our philosophy of "listen to your customers, not your competition."  And so, here are examples of this functionality in action today:

Massing Studies at NC State University

Colorizing maps is big on our plate right now.  Easier said, than done, in a generic way.  But we're laying the foundation for it and looking to the future with 3D.  Michelle Wang produced a bang-up massing map for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill using SketchUp, colored by building type.  Cool stuff.

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