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Second day at CFTA 2011 Conference

I love standards, in theory.  In practice, there's never anything standard about them.  COBIE2 is no exception.  While specifying the interchange format (Excel spreadsheet) and the data in the model (features) is great, what's totally "ungreat" is the flexibility of user-defined columns.  Which is really all useful columns, since only the most basic columns are in the COBIE2 standard.  I predict this is going to bite someone, so let's play out a scenario.

First Day at CFTA 2011 Conference

David and I just finished up our first day at the 2011 CFTA Annual Conference.  BIM was on the minds of folks from Oregon to Texas to Florida, and understandably so: the promise of delivering more efficient structures at lower cost and with less duplicated effort is attractive.  But the reality on the ground showed real challenges that must be overcome before that promise will yield.  First among those is getting all the stakeholders to agree to BIM, especially as part of IPD.  Clyne Curtis raised the question on the heels of Bob Middlebrook's keynote presentation: what do I do with vendors who just don't "buy it" and won't facilitate IPD?  Bob's answer was disheartening: convince them or fire them.

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