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Blazing a trail to better facilities management.


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AERES: Powerful, proven solutions for your facilities management needs

AERES combines keyword searching, first-class visualization tools and the ability to create and share custom report into an affordable, adaptable package that grows along with your needs. Powerful, proven and backed by the dedicated team at ideacode, AERES gives you the whole picture, so you don’t miss a single detail.

In 2003, North Carolina State University asked ideacode to develop an FM application that would replace their old mainframe system and incorporate new features such as online document storage. With the regular addition of new features, AERES has developed into an FM app with tremendous scope.

Say Goodbye to a Warehouse Full of Paper

If there's one thing we've learned in working with NCSU’s Facilities Department, it's that managing campus facilities requires lots of documentation.  As-builts, change orders, tenant agreements, work requests – it adds up to warehouses full of paper!

Searching, sorting and collating all that paper – and sharing it with the people who need it – is a nightmare without campus facilities management software.  By giving you unlimited storage of digital versions of your documents, AERES eliminates the need for all that effort or paper.  Being able to scan your as-builts, photos, project documents, O&M manuals – or requesting them in digital format up-front – puts a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, at a fraction of the cost.

Store It, Search It, Share It

Document management is only half of the FM challenge.  The other half is work flow – how do you feed all your campus data into one system so that it's easy and affordable to access and use?

Over the past decade, ideacode has partnered with NCSU to grow AERES into the most comprehensive campus FM software package available.  Powerful keyword searching, first-class GIS visualization and customized reporting gives you total control over everything related to campus facilities operations: space management, construction management, capital projects and informal work orders, hazardous materials or any other FM challenge.  AERES gives your team only the data it needs – while facilitating easy reporting.